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Seoul is South Korea’s largest city, and its capital. It is a stunning city that, despite its modern look, has not forgotten its routes. The city is steeped in culture, with a number of fascinating sites just a stone’s throw away from wherever you might be.

Probably the most famous of these would be Gyeongbok Palace, which sits at the end of Seoul’s main boulevard. This 14th century building is truly a site to behold, even for those who are not interested in history. With such easy access to this palace, it is very easy to set aside an hour to wander around and appreciate the sheer magnitude of this location.

After this, you can take a stroll around Bukchon Village. This is a beautiful little village with traditional Korean architecture, which sits not far from Gyeonbok Palace. Walking these streets feels like a step back in time, and you can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants and cafes that populate the neighbourhood.

You will not struggle to find somewhere to shop in Seoul, as there are excellent shopping locations dotted all over the city. The center for shopping however is Myeong-dong, which is a region that is targeted by a vast number of global brands, as well as popular Korean brands. Be sure to bring your passport, as Myeong-dong offers discounts to travellers in certain stores!

If you feel like you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you can take a walk into the mountains. The most popular peak of the mountains that surround Seoul is Bugaksan, which can be accessed by any of three different trails. This peak provides a gorgeous view of the entire capital and also some peace and quiet. This is certainly worth the climb.

The tourist hotspot Itaewon is home to Seouls main gay scene. This area is populated with bars and clubs, featuring drag shows and other such events. This is no place to be shy, as it boasts a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There is something for everyone in Itaewon, and can make some truly unforgettable nights.

This Korean metropolis is home to a number of attractions with which to fill your time. The lively nature of this city makes for an excellent trip, whether you want to relax or party. Seoul has it all.


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